Lockdown Ended ! OPEN

After 60 days of closure we reopen our doors with some new rules and new attentions

RECEPTION & COMMON ENVIRONMENTS: At the reception and in the other common areas, it is always mandatory to use masks and to respect the interpersonal distance of at least one meter.We have differentiated the entry and exit routes, made available to customers the hand hygiene gel in different rooms of the hotel. All common areas are sanitized three times a day. If you wish to take advantage of the express check-in, we will accept your details via e-mail.

ROOM CLEANING At each departure the rooms are completely cleaned and sanitized with alcohol-based products and disposable cloths, all linen is our property and is washed in our internal laundry with chlorine and hydrogen peroxide-based products which guarantee their complete sanitation.In the event of a stop, we will carry out the cleaning service every day but, if the customer prefers, he can request only the change of towels.

BREAKFAST AND RESTAURANT Our large hall allows us to guarantee the adequate distance between the tables, guests can take advantage of the table service also for the à la carte breakfast choice (buffet service is suspended) while for dinner it is required at the time of booking to communicate if you want to use the restaurant service so as to guarantee a more efficient service. It is also possible to order the basket for lunch the next day